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Bellevue Short Sales and Seattle Short Sales - Advantage Legal Group Bellevue Bankruptcy Law Firm

Bellevue Branch – (425) 452-9797

Federal Way – (206) 414-2750

Hi, I am Jonathan Smith and I am an attorney serving Western Washington. We do bankruptcies, mortgage mediation, mortgage modifications and short sales.

I am also a licensed Real Estate Broker in the state of Washington and I can list your property for you, as the listing agent. And being an attorney with great amount of Bellevue short sale experience, I can also negotiate your Washington short sale for you at the same time. If necessary, we can use the other bankruptcy laws to help clean up your situation, give you a fresh start and get rid of that property for you.

If this is of interest to you and it makes sense to you to use an attorney who is also an Agent, check out my website at AdvantageLegalGroup.com. Again, that’s AdvantageLegalGroup.com. And I look forward to meeting you.

We are your Bellevue short sale, Washington short sale and Seattle Shot sale experts.