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Insurance Claims and Issues with Attorney Advantage Legal Group

Bellevue Branch – (425) 452-9797

Federal Way – (206) 414-2750

Advantage Legal Group has a Team of Insurance Claims Dispute Resolution Attorneys, Independent Insurance Claims Adjusters and contractors available to help you if you have a home, auto, commercial or medical insurance claim and are having difficulty getting your insurance claim processed or paid by your insurance company in Washington State.

Types of Insurance Claims

Home / Residential

If your home has been damaged by fire, flood / water, wind / storm etc… Advantage Legal Group can assist you in evaluating the extent of the damage and negotiating a settlement with your insurance company.

Commercial Property

If you own commercial real estate or property in Washington State and have an insurance claim that has been denied, disputed or delayed by your insurance company – we can help.

Landlord / Tenant

If the rental property you own or rent has been damaged and you are experiencing challenges with your insurance company getting your property insurance or renter’s insurance claim paid – we can help.

Auto / Vehicle

If you have been involved in an auto accident and are not getting your auto insurance claim paid accurately or in a timely manner – we can help.

Medical / Personal Injury

If you have been injured in any type of accident, auto, home – and your insurance company has denied, disputed or delayed your medical or personal injury claim – we can help.

We are a team of Washington State licensed Attorneys, Contractors and independent insurance claims adjusters with the experience to expedite your home, property, vehicle or medical insurance claim and help you get the settlement you deserve.

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