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Give Yourself the Gift of Mortgage Mediation this Christmas

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Give Yourself the Gift of Mortgage Mediation this Christmas (or New Years)

While many families are celebrating the season with hearts full of peace and joy, it can actually be a stressful and discouraging time for families under economic distress. Many homeowners are still facing foreclosure, having never recovered from the downturn that began in 2008.Give Yourself the Gift of Mortgage Mediation this Christmas

However, Advantage Legal Group is here to shed some light on your holiday season by letting you know about a law that can help you mediate and resolve those problems. This law is four years old but many still don’t know about it or how to take advantage of it. The law is the Foreclosure Fairness Act that was put into law in 2011.

This law provides an opportunity for most homeowners to force most mortgage companies to come to the table and negotiate a solution that works for everybody. So few people have taken advantage of this law. It is highly recommended that if you or someone you know can be helped with this law that you take advantage of it by contacting Advantage Legal right away!

Give yourself the gift of peace of mind this holiday season! Following is an example of how Advantage Legal was able to help a family recently:

OLD PAYMENT: $3185.01 at 5.875% fixed rate

NEW PAYMENT: $1999.24 at 4.125% fixed rate

REDUCTION OF: $1185.77

And that’s just one of many ways Advantage Legal is bringing the Merry back to Christmas for so many families this year.

Begin writing your Christmas Wish List now and start crossing off your MUST HAVE gifts to yourself and your family this holiday season.


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– FREE consultation with Advantage Legal

– Monthly savings!

– Peace of Mind!

– Holly Jolly Christmas!

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